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2020/11/30 WORLD SOIL DAY 2020 2020/11/30
2020/11/30 Announcing the readiness of Iran and Azerbaijan to develop agricultural cooperation 2020/11/30
2020/11/28 Establishment of the National Caviar Museum of Iran in cooperation with UNESCO 2020/11/28
2020/11/24 FAO provides Iran with additional pesticide sprayers, supporting the country in fighting against Desert Locust 2020/11/24
2020/11/23 Unveiling of the seeds of super-acute avian influenza vaccine and H5 antigen 2020/11/23
2020/11/16 Cultivation of Artemia cyst in Iran 2020/11/16
2020/11/15 FAO Regional Food Safety Conference: Food safety in the era of COVID-19 – earning consumers’ trust 2020/11/15
2020/11/09 The need to develop the use of digital technology in agricultural insurance 2020/11/09
2020/11/02 Inauguration of IWM and Flood Control Project in Shiraz Quran Gate 2020/11/02
2020/10/31 FAO boosts Iranian experts’ knowledge of agricultural water saving and water productivity 2020/10/31
2020/10/27 Development of Shrimp Breeding Infrastructure from Iran Fisheries Production Leap Programs 2020/10/27
2020/10/24 Crop mapping in Qazvin Irrigation Network in Iran 2020/10/24
2020/10/19 FAO launches Green Cities Initiative to help transform agri-food systems, end hunger and improve nutrition 2020/10/19
2020/10/19 Iran's golden honey shines in the London International Competition 2020/10/19
2020/10/17 Agricultural funds by implementing new patterns 2020/10/17
2020/10/13 Durum wheat cultivation is developing in the country 2020/10/13
2020/10/13 FAO supports Iran to strengthen the capacity of national and local stakeholders on climate finance 2020/10/13
2020/10/11 Development of wood cultivation with unconventional water is on the agenda of the Forest Organization 2020/10/11
2020/10/07 FAO Regional Conference for Asia-Pacific discusses responses and recovery work on COVID-19 and hunger 2020/10/07
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